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The Launch

Wadadli Short Film Festival

Inaugural Launch 25th - 27th October 2019

We are pleased to announce that the launch of the inaugural Wadadli Short Film Festival was held on the beautiful twin island State of Antigua & Barbuda. Spanning three days - the theme of the Festival was 'New Beginnings.'

Our VIP launch took place at the prestigious Carlisle Bay Resort and was attended by an array of guests from Antigua's Film industry and the creative arts.  Guests travelled from England, Ireland, Canada, Barbados, Jamaica, St Kitts and Nevis, Guyana and the USA.


On the night we were joined by Dr Noel Howell and Francine Carby from the Motion Picture Association of Antigua & Barbuda, Mitzi and Howard of HaMaFilms, Bert Kirchner (Antigua's Film Commissioner) in the presence of their Excellencies, Deputy Governor General Dr Thomas and Lady Thomas. 

We are especially proud of this year's film submissions- Please join in congratulating our winners: 

Best Film - Coffee - Directed by Jordan Pitt

Best OECS Film - The Flight - Directed By Alain Bidard 

Best Music Video - King Hard Knax

The Wadadli Short Film Festival was a real celebration of creative film, live performances, radical debates and visionary concepts surrounding sound and image. By bringing the twin island state of Antigua & Barbuda to the forefront of independent filmmaking, we want to ensure that the Wadadli Short Film Festival remains an annual event, aimed at promoting emerging talent within the territories that form the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) and the wider diaspora. 

On behalf of the team, we would like to thank you all for making this year's festival a success. 

The team are pleased to announce that preparations are already on the way for 2020. If you would like to join us or find out more, contact us on:

 Please take a look at our programme to find our event.

Official Programme


Welcome to the Inurgural Wadadi Short Film Festival

the film
Why Antigua

Why Antigua?

Antigua and Barbuda is well known for its dynamic culture and creative arts industry, which over the years, has seen an explosion of great talent from our young, emerging artists as well as the pioneers of the various cultural disciplines.

Specifically, in the film industry, this is an area where the opportunities are immeasurable. Therefore it is important that we continue to use filmmaking as an avenue to showcase our authentic Antiguan and Barbudan history and culture, while simultaneously increasing the growth and versatility of our local filmmakers.

This year, it is indeed a pleasure that the organizers of the Wadadli Short Film Festival chose Antigua and Barbuda as the doorway to generate more awareness of this industry by featuring filmmakers, and their work, from Antigua and Barbuda, and around the region.

On behalf of the Government and people of Antigua and Barbuda, and on my own behalf as Minister with responsibility to Sports, Culture, National Festivals and the Arts, it is an honour to welcome the launch of the Wadadli Short Film Festival, which promises to shine a spotlight on both the talent of our citizens, as well as the beauty of our beloved twin-island Nation.

Daryll S. Matthew,

Minister with responsibility to Sports, Culture,

National Festivals and the Arts

The mission
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