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The Winners of 2019

 Please join us in congratulating the inaugural winners of the Wadadli Short Film Festival.
Coffee By Jordan Pitt
the flight.jpg
The Flight By Alain Bidard
Best Music Video
Life in Paradise By King Hard Knax

The 2019 Finalist

Poster 740fae5b91-From Ashes we rise .jp
Poster 9fd534a59b-poster.jpg
Poster 60cb7763d2-poster black doll .jpg
Poster 655fb1ec9d-poster The First Gener

The First Generation to Experience Climate Change

Elsemieke De Boer

Poster 5c198e7599-poster holly beef .jpg
Poster 4ef476aa07-poster Three Minutes .
Poster 8b9ce12f81-poster live edge .jpg
Poster 05e5c64add-poster  shihan.jpg

The Shortlist

We also salute those that made the short list - over 130 submissions were received - and those that made the final cut were greatly received by the audience.
The Value of Young Souls            Dwon Stewart
Too Late                                   Billy Russell (Antigua)
The Very Loving Caterpillar         Sean Browne (Antigua)
Irony                                       Radhery Jegatheva
The Bible                                 Dr Noel Howell
Sexy and You Know It                Colin John Jenkins
And we Unfold                         Khadijah Carberry
Music Video Shortlist
I can see the Light ft, Darcy Vanhinsbergh    *Refound
Mama Love                                            Stewy Stew
Pretty Thing                                             Jay Clarke
The Real Black ft. Raye Marilyn                 1ne
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