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After a very successful film festival in October 2019, we were hit by a world-wide Pandemic in March 2020 and for some of us it gave us an opportunity to bring to the fore more of our creative juices.

Even though the Wadadli Short Film Festival could not be held it gave us an opportunity to collaborate with the Motion Picture of Antigua and Barbuda and take part in their virtual festival in November 2020 where we hosted a Q&A session over zoom.

Film makers from the Caribbean, England and the United States where invited and we provided three short films for the festival namely:

(1) The Oppressed Wife Society by Dean Foster

(2) A Mother's Fear by Marlene McKenzie

(3) Miss Florence, Tales of a Windrush Nurse by Paulette Harris-German

The short films concentrated on social issues and allowed other professionals in social care to contribute through zoom.

In 2020 we were also invited to contribute to the Antigua and Barbuda Government 39th independence celebrating contribution to Antigua and Barbuda from the diaspora here in the UK.

Moving forward this year we again hope to partner with Carlisle Bay Hotel and Spa Resort to bring you the Wadadli Short Film Festival near the end of the year and celebrate the 40th independence anniversary of Antigua and Barbuda.

In this regard we will open short film submissions under two categories:

(1) Love Antigua and Barbuda

(2) COVID-19 (How has this impacted your community)
Films should run for no more than 10 minutes

As before, to enter your film you must live in Antigua and Barbuda or the Organisation Eastern Caribbean States (OECS).
We also welcome writers, directors or producers who have a heritage link to Antigua and Barbuda or the OECS.

If you submit your film under the Love Antigua and Barbuda  category, you must show why you love Antigua. Similarly, if you opt for the Covid-19 theme - we want to learn about your journey with reference to how the pandemic has impacted your community.

We aim to open submissions May 2021 through Film Freeway and will post details on our website.

In 2022 we will collaborate once again with the Motion Picture of Antigua and Barbuda to celebrate Carifesta on island in August 2022.
Please watch this space for more details.

Until then stay safe!

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A Big Thank-you to ABS, ZDK, Pointe FM and the Observer for all their support.
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